Banking & Treasury Advisory

Haynes Path team supports its clients in managing funding facilities and advises on maintaining optimum financing structure in line with the business requirements. Further, we develop Treasury policies and procedures to ensure that a structured treasury framework is in place to support working capital, capital expenditure, foreign exchange, hedging, investment and M&A requirements of the organization.

We assist clients in maintaining funding facilities with lowest cost on favorable terms in line with existing business requirements, future plans and market environment. Our team helps the clients in obtaining Banking facilities from local and international Banks, lending institutions and investors both for short and long term (funded and non-funded).

Our experts advise clients in negotiation of key elements of financing which include interest rates, clear understanding and implications of financial and non-financial covenants, security & guarantees (corporate, shareholders, director), events of default, audit and reporting requirements, restrictions on any asset class or business transactions, tax and foreign exchange implications, and applicable laws and jurisdiction.

We develop Treasury policies and procedures to assist clients in managing their Funding Facilities, Interest Rates, and Foreign Exchange exposures. Compliance with IFRS is ensured while developing the Treasury policies and procedures.