Management Reporting & Analysis

Management reporting is a necessity to produce relevant, timely, and reliable information to support business decisions making process. The management reporting framework goes beyond the basics of financial reporting and provides you greater visibility in your company operations, various functions and external environment.

At Haynes Path, we are experienced in developing and improving management reporting procedures and systems across a range of industries and geographies. Our approach to develop an insightful management reporting framework involves:

  • Understand the Business model of the Organization and its core competencies
  • Awareness of the Strategic objectives, key strategies, organization and functional structure
  • Assessment of competitive landscape, existing market conditions and industry outlook
  • Understand the expectations of key stakeholders
  • Complete alignment with the Annual Business Plan and budget of the organization from a strategic, financial, commercial and operational perspective
  • Monitor the relevant KPIs (financial and non-financial) to analyze performance
  • Ensure necessary IT capabilities exist to support MIS framework
  • Management Reporting calendar to define responsibilities and timelines across functions
  • Continuous performance management system through the management reporting framework to realign business strategies and structure to dynamic market conditions