Post-Merger Integration

When it comes to integrating a business, getting it right in four areas is crucial: vision, control, people and value. Without managing these, businesses fail to realize synergy targets in competitive market conditions. Sustainable value creation is not done by closing the transaction, but by running a successful, integrated businesses afterwards in line with the agreed M&A strategy. We help to integrate new business while preserving “business as usual” performance. 

Post-acquisition integration is a major change management project which involves alignment of cultures, strategies, products and services offerings, policies and procedures, business practices, management practices, customers, vendors and bankers. We help clients address planning and integration need to be better prepared before the transaction is completed.

Our services include:

  • Integration planning and support to ensure Day One readiness
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Synergy realization advisory support
  • Oversee integration of management policies and processes
  • Launch a post-deal action plan to unlock the value of a deal quickly:
  1. Identify and realize “quick wins”
  2. Identify cost reduction areas
  3. Identify areas of collaboration